Sweet Potato Butternut Squash Stir Fry

Halloween is a good time for harvest vegetables. The local farmers market had luscious looking squashes, corns and a variety of apples. My little one was out picking different apples such as Honey crisp, Spartan, Macintosh while his mom (a.k.a me!!) was picking out the squashes. We love sweet potato and butternut squash, so here is a recipe bringing out the best of both in one dish. 

1 no -- Butternut Squash cut in half and microwaved for 10 minutes, peeled and julienned
1 no -- Sweet Potato peeled and julienned
1 no -- Small Red Onion chopped
1 tsp -- Ginger grated
2 no -- Dry red chilli broken
Asofeteida a pinch
1 tsp -- Sambar powder

For Tempering
2 tbsp -- oil
1 tsp -- Mustard seeds
0.5 tsp -- urad dal

5-8 -- Curry leaves shredded

  1. In a kadai at medium heat add oil, mustard seeds, dry red chillis and urad dal and let the mustard splutter.
  2. Add chopped red onion and saute until translucent.
  3. Add julienned sweet potato, saute for a minute. Add salt and turmeric, saute.
  4. Cover and let the sweet potato cook until just done.
  5. Add julienned squash to cooked sweet potato, saute.
  6. Add ginger, curry leaves mix well and then add sambar powder, saute. Mix well and remove from heat.
Serve warm with rice and rotis. The red onions give a beautiful flavour to the dish. I found it difficult to cut and peel the uncooked butternut squash, so I microwaved it for 10 minutes, to soften the skin and partially cook the flesh. It turned out to be a very easy dish to make and had an amazing taste.

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  1. My kids really likes to eat squash because it's their favorite vegetable. I will try to create this one for them because I think they will like this one.

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